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Price list and Price Comparisons

Conservative dentistry

Medical advice50 PLN
Composite filling (depend on quantity surface)180-300 PLN
Root canal treatment
1-Canal 400-500 PLN
2 Canals 600-700 PLN
3 Canals 900-1000 PLN
Reendovaluation in the clinic
Eemoval of a broken tool 200-500 PLN
Overlay teeth whitening ( 2 arches) 900 PLN
In-clinic teeth whitening with a lamp BEYOND (2 arches)1000 PLN
Combined teeth whitening with a lamp (in-clinic) plus overlays1300 PLN


Extraction of single-root tooth 150-200 PLN
Extraction of multi-root tooth 200-400 PLN
Surgical extraction of tooth 400-1000 PLN
Resection of single-root tooth 700-1000 PLN
Extraction of cyst, tooth bud 400-500 PLN

Implant systems

Implantology consultation 100
Implantation of a dental implant
(price depends on used systems )
2000-2500 PLN
Porcelain crown (made from Cr-Co alloy) + link 2000-2500 PLN
Porcelain crown (made from  zirconia) + link 2500-3000 PLN
Sinus grafting (price with biomaterial) 2500-4000 PLN
Prosthesis based on 2 implants
(without cost of implant implantation)
valuation in the clinic
Prosthesis based on 4 implants
(without cost of implant implantation)
valuation in the clinic
Temporary crown on a dental implant 450 PLN


Orthodontic consultation 60 PLN
Removable device 450-800 PLN
Permanent appliance ( metal – one arch) 1800 PLN
Permanent appliance ( esthetic – one arch)2300 PLN


Consultation with treatment plan 100 PLN
Porcelain crown (made from Cr-Co alloy) 900 PLN
Porcelain crown (made from  zirconia) 1600 PLN
Acrylic crown 350-400 PLN
Full-ceramic crown 1600-2000 PLN
Composite inlay 1000 PLN
Porcelain inlay 1200-1500 PLN
Porcelain veneer 1700-1900 PLN
Crown-root inlay 400-700 PLN
Full denture (acrylic) 1500-2000 PLN
Skeleton prosthesis 1800 PLN


Consultation150 PLN
Deep cleaning (scaling and root planing)200-250 PLN
Closed curettage (half of 1 arch)300-400 PLN
Vector treatment700-1400 PLN

Children’s dentistry

Adaptive visit70 PLN
Primary tooth filling120-140 PLN
Extraction of primary tooth100 -150 PLN


Point x-ray30 PLN
Pantomographic x-ray80 PLN
Cephalometric x-ray80 PLN
Computer Tomography (3D scan) point150 PLN
Computer Tomography (3D scan) one arch 300 PLN


Aesthetic medicine pricelist – read more

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